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Products That are Making Money on Etsy

One of our goals with this page is to help you make money. We are crafters and artists and we just want to help! Of course, we are in business to make money for our family, too.

So, when I do research, I want to share.

If you are a crafter/artist/business person, here are three of the hottest items selling on Etsy right now (these items sold the MOST yesterday):

  • jewelry
  • planner stickers
  • lightroom presets


It’s Mother’s Day on May 12, 2019. Jewelry sales are ALWAYS up on this most auspicious of holidays. To me, it looks like minimalist jewelry is still a trending item. But that is not to say that statement pieces are also trending. (see pom pom and tassel earrings in very bright colors!)

Planner Stickers

Planners are in. Organizing is in. I pretty much need to get on this trend. My life is busy and a tad disorganized! Because planners are trending, so are those cute little stickers that people use to mark their planners up.

You can make stickers and decals using a Silhouette machine. These are good machines to start out on but as your business grows, you may want to upgrade.

Lightroom Presets

You Photographers! You with your “eye” for good shots and beautiful compositions…Your tools of choice for editing your photographs probably start with “Adobe” and end with either “Photoshop” or “Lightroom”. Have you considered composing and selling your own presets? Once the initial work is done, this is a digital product and will sell while you sleep like a baby.

Just because someone else is doing it and winning at it does not mean that the market is saturated and there is no more room for you! It actually means that it is a desire/need for that in the market place. You just have to find YOUR people.

I hope this inspired you today! I think I just inspired myself!

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