Set of Three Woodland Friends



Perfect for the woodland, Scandinavian or Nordic nursery or children’s room decor! Each animal in the set is approx 5.5” x 6.5” (+/-) and comes equipped with a saw tooth hanger on the back. This item is hand made by placing a cedar plywood 1/4” over MDF and then using a scroll saw to cut out our animal shapes. We then used pyrography to burn the Woodland design on the animals.

HELLO!: Each animal is hand crafted and will vary slightly.

Our shop thrives on the activity of reclaiming materials and in this case, wood, that we use to create our pieces. We celebrate the differences in grain and color of each piece as they are handpicked for production. Each piece of of pine or cedar is handpicked for the project at hand and made to order in our studio. From designing, scroll sawing, routing, pyrography, staining and painting, our goal is to create a unique and beautiful/adorable gift for our customers.


Only want one particular animal? You just rang our bell because we’ve got that too!

Woodland FOX (what does the fox say?)
Woodland OWL
Woodland BUNNY


We currently have a 1+ WEEK PRODUCTION TIME. Due to the high volume of handmade orders, the ship-by dates may vary slightly.***

Please double-check your shipping address before placing your order. We can’t have your delightful package going to complete and accidental strangers (unless you’re kind of awesome that way).
If your package is returned, there would be more shipping you would have to pay, and we don’t want you to have to do that =(
In the event of damage in transit or lost packages, please email us immediately.

Please do not hold us responsible for injuries that can occur when the recipient sees our cute animal set after opening the package. Some have been known to dance around in joy with their eyes closed in happiness.


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